Installer for latest version of TortoiseBZR and plans for x64 version ?

John Arbash Meinel john at
Sat Oct 31 03:22:22 GMT 2009

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Richard B. wrote:
> There are windows installers for both QBzr and Bazaar Explorer, but
> not for TortoiseBzr. Is there an installer for TortoiseBzr, or is it
> planned to make one for each release of TortoiseBZR ?
> Also, are there any plans to release an x64 version ?

I'm pretty sure that TortoiseBzr is part of the same all-in-one
installer, you just have to select the checkmark at install time.

And I believe it includes the x64 dll for tbzr as well. Did something go
wrong with the packaging? I'm sure it was in the 2.0 package, because we
had some bug reports about it. Similarly when building the 2.0.1 package
I had to bundle tbzr 0.3.0 rather than 0.3.1 because of integration issues.

BTW Naoki, with 2.0.2 and 2.1.0b2 around the corner I'd like to make
sure to include your updates I believe that is still 0.3.1, or is there
a newer version?

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