[RFC] depend on testtools for testing?

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Oct 30 06:15:15 GMT 2009

INADA Naoki пишет:
>>> Make bdist_msi works reasonably well for a pure-python package. And is
>>> available in standard 'disutils' for newer versions of python. (May be
>>> 2.5+, I don't know what 'newer' really means.)
>> 2.5
> What about dropping support for Python 2.4 on Windows?

Why for? I know Martin <gzlist> running bzr @ 2.4 @ Windows successfully

> - Python 2.4 doesn't have ctypes.

IIRC this is not hard dependency.

> - Python 2.4 requires old C compiler (VC++ 2003)

Python 2.5 requires the same "old" C compiler (VC++ 2003). I'm using such.

> - Windows doesn't have "Distribution package". So users can select own
> Python version.

I don't understand this.

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