bzr-fastimport: Set branch-nick from git ref-names

Max Bowsher maxb at
Thu Oct 29 03:49:56 GMT 2009

I would like to propose that bzr-fastimport set the branch-nick of
revisions based on the git ref-name of the imported commit (subject to
the existing mapping that it does).

I think this is a sufficiently sane thing to do that I would make it
non-optional - but, it would only apply when "feature commit-properties"
was *NOT* enabled.

Implementing this is not hard, but there are a couple of points that I'm
not sure of the best approach:

1) To make this happen, I need a BranchMapper during the conversion, not
just during the post-import branch update phase. BranchMapper is a very
lightweight object, so I could instantiate a new one for every commit,
but it might be better to instantiate a single one under the aegis of
the CacheManager and access it there?

2) BranchMapper has a slightly odd interface, wherein it maps a list of
refnames to a dict of results. I would prefer to change it to expose the
 logic to do a single mapping operation standalone - is that OK?


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