Broken branch from svn

Ivan Sagalaev maniac at
Wed Oct 28 16:36:52 GMT 2009

Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> You should be able to push those two revisions to e.g. /branches/foo in
> the repository, that will make the ghost issue go away.

Hello again, Jelmer!

We did try this but it but the push fails with another message:

bzr push -r500 svn+ssh://
bzr: ERROR: Please upgrade your Subversion client libraries to 1.5 or 
higher to be able to commit with Subversion mapping v4 (current version 
is (1, 6, 5, ''))

Googling for this error message make me think that it can mean different 
things. I've looked into bzrlib/plugins/svn/ and printed all 
the values that trigger this Exception:

self.supports_custom_revprops - None
self.mapping.can_use_revprops - True
self.repository.seen_bzr_revprops() - True

What those mean I don't know :-). Any clues?

P.S. Do I understand it right that ghost revisions appear when a feature 
branch is merged back into trunk and then the branch's directory is 
deleted and trunk is pushed into a svn repo?

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