How to version with Bazaar this way

Marius Boitor boitor.marius at
Wed Oct 28 10:45:53 GMT 2009


I'm new to Bazaar (I've used something else till now) and need a bit of
help. Usually I develop alone but sometimes I have a team. My usual
development folder structure looks like this:

/var/www/ for non secure files
/var/www/ for secure files

/var/www/ for non secure files
/var/www/ for secure files

What I need is a bit of help on how can I setup Bazaar to be able to version
my releases.
I will not say that I did everything to setup Bazaar for this I didn't
succeed but this is because the folders are already there and I don't really
have the time to mess everything up thinking that I'm a beginner with

Any help will be highly appreciated.

With respect,
Marius Boitor

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