converting CVS repo to bzr

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Oct 26 06:07:27 GMT 2009

Alexander Belchenko пишет:
> Hi Ian,
> I'm trying to convert CVS repo of FTE project to bzr with your
> fast-import plugin.
> I'm working on Windows with standalone bzr.exe v.2.0.1 so my setup is
> interesting corner case. And BTW this is most default setup so far.
> What I found so far.
> 1) In the help for fast-export-from-cvs you wrote:
>   Windows users need to install GNU sort and use the `--sort`
>   option to specify its location. GNU sort can be downloaded from
> This is wrong advice, because:
> a) there is not possible to download zip from that page anymore:
> gives me error 403.
> b) The page claims:
> GNU sort, which is part of the coreutils package, see
> Binaries for Win32 can be found
> at Windows sort.exe is *not* adequate.

Oh, it seems I misread the blocks above. I've read them initially as "Binaries for Win32 *that* can
be found at is *not* adequate."

Sorry :-( (Bad bad bialix.)

So only item a make sense.

> So I've downloaded sort from project. If it won't
> be enough I'll looking on

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