Loggerhead question

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff at mattnordhoff.com
Fri Oct 23 15:30:55 BST 2009

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> ...
>>> You can configure Apache to handle requests with "/.bzr/" in them itself
>>> instead of passing them to Loggerhead.
>> I am not sure that is going to help -- unless I am missing something
>> about Apache/Bazaar/Loggerhead (which is easily possible).
>> The problem at hand is when the URL http://xxxx/Bazaar/Flob is used from
>> a bzr command, e.g. bzr info, bzr branch, then it works as it does now,
>> but when the same URL is used from a browser then all the requests are
>> forwarded to Loggerhead.  This means the switching has to be on the
>> accessor not on the URL.
>> The problem being solved here is that currently when people look at
>> http://xxxx/Bazaar/Flob with a browser there are no entries because the
>> branches have no working trees and the .bzr directory doesn't show.  The
>> idea is to get Loggerhead to do the needful but without disturbing the
>> current branch access.
> So while you browse to "http://xxx/Bazaar/Flob" the first thing Bazaar
> does is access "http://xxx/Bazaar/Flob/.bzr/branch-format". (or possibly
> .bzr/smart)
> So you can tell Apache to handle ".bzr/*" itself, but to pass off
> everything else in that URL space to Loggerhead. Or even better, you can
> tell Apache to handle everything under ".bzr/" except for ".bzr/smart".
> John
> =:->

.bzr/smart is indeed the first request, FYI.

(Well, to tell the truth, bzr-svn's OPTIONS request is first. .bzr/smart
is second.)

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