Any ex ClearCase or VSS users out there?

Voelker, Bernhard bernhard.voelker at
Thu Oct 22 08:16:38 BST 2009

Maritza Mendez wrote: 

> Berny: The screenshot you attached is one of the cleanest, most orderly
> version trees I have ever seen in ClearCase.

In some projects (CC VOBs), we have the workflow integrated in our own
IDE tool, i.e. the tool is doing all for you. I've designed that workflow
years ago, so nobody has to care about CC internals.

In another project, we just do the feature development on the /main branch
and releasing test builds from time to time. When the code has become mature,
we release a stable version and mark this as the base for a bugfix branch.
I.e. if a productive is fixed, it's usually done on that bugfix branch and
then merged back into the main branch.

I admin that we don't have much parallel versions out there (<=3) because
we control when the software is being installed on the user's PCs.
Additionally, we can control the number of parallel features to come in the
next major, quarterly release ... and last - maybe like in every ClearCase
project - we have a rather small # of developers on each project (<= ~20).

I can't say if I'd dare to switch to bzr with these projects, not only
because I've grown up with ClearCase but more because the "developers"
are just "using" the ClearCase integration in the IDE while not knowing
much about ClearCase or VCSs in general at all.
A migration therefore is not only about migrating the repository but
also the tools would have to be adapted. I personally don't have 
much experience in using bzr in a proper way yet.

Have a nice day,

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