Any ex ClearCase or VSS users out there?

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> Hi,
> As part of my push to make it easier for users and teams to switch to
> Bazaar, I'd like to get the "Bazaar for Visual SourceSafe Users" and
> "Bazaar for ClearCase Users" documents with some meaningful content in
> them. Is anyone out there able to help?
> The source for the current documents can be downloaded from
> lp:bzr-migration-docs. The latest build is online here:
> Feel free to
> use the documents for other tools as starting points. The Subversion,
> Mercurial and Darcs ones are pretty good in particular.
> Ian C.
> PS: If you need some Windows screenshots for the VSS document say, you
> can grab them from the lp:bzr-explorer-website project.
I just took a quick look at the Survival Guide page for ClearCase refugees (
I do not know how to fill in the sections waiting for input, but I have a
few simple thoughts about some sections:

*Core Tasks*: Just getting a view of a branch for the first time requires a
basic understanding of the ClearCase Configuration Specification language.
If you actually want to make changes, you need to understand how to write
"make branch" clauses.  Also, the standard GUI does not make it any easy to
generate a CSPEC than a text editor.  So most users seem to eitehr become
command-line-only users or rely heavily on a CLearCase expert to write their
CSPEC for them.  Bottom line: this is hard.  I have taught people everything
they need to get started with bzr in five slides.  To do the same thing for
CQ takes a half-day seminar.

*Network Protocols*: From what I think I know, ClearCase uses a proprietary
network protocol for communication between VOB (Versioned OBject) servers
(aka Repositories) and View Servers (one per currently active/defined view)
-- both of which run on the central server(s) -- and Clients which run on
the individual developer's computer.  Individual users really don't need or
want to know anything about the protocol, or even the client-server
architecture.  But admins need to know a lot of course.

*Revisions*: Each file has its own revision history.  So a branch is made up
of multiple files, each with its own "latest" and predecessor revisions.  So
people I know tend to talk about "get latest (of all files) on branch xyz"
and not about a globally unique revno.  Central systems don't really need
guids the way dvcs does.

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