Progress and help configuring bzr-email-notifier for Windows

John Arbash Meinel john at
Tue Oct 20 14:16:09 BST 2009

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> I do not know why our mailserver does not support TLS.  It probably
> should, but I do not administer it.  So I have to live with it.
> I speculate from some posts that this TLS problem may not be present in
> earlier versions of python's, but I'd really liek to keep using
> python 2.6.2 on my windows boxes.  So any suggestions on how to work
> around it but keep using python *and* keeping our mailserver setup would
> be most welcome.
> ~M

python 2.6 changes the semantics of the "starttls()" call. In 2.5 if
there was a failure, it just returned an error code. In 2.6 it started
raising an exception.

The proper fix is actually included in bzrlib.smtp_connection. Where it
checks to see if STARTTLS is supported before it tries to use it.

The 'bzr-email' plugin was eventually updated with that fix, but my
guess is that bzr-email-notifier copied the code from 'bzr-email' and
did not fix it.

My personal recommendation is to remove any smtp_connection code from
bzr-email-notifier and just 'from bzrlib import smtp_connection' since
that is generally going to be the most maintained version.

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