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Algis Kabaila wrote:
> In the process of porting some material from internal records as well as an 
> external svn storage to Launchpad, I would like to start a new project. 
> Basically, it would involve several bazaar branches:
> 1. The *.tex files for the text of a book as well as *.jpg and a .pdf files..
> 2. A completed frame analysis program that accompanies the book.
> 3. A new work on a finite element method program for engineering structural 
> nalysis that can use every type of element, implemented as a plugin. This new 
> mainline implements a simple and flexible plugin system.
> My computer is organised with a data partition, mounted on /dat.  The /dat 
> partition has Mail and Documents folders that are accessible from a Linux OS 
> booted on any other partition.  A possible implementation of the project would 
> have a local repository in /dat/ak-repo directory with the above mentioned 
> three branches and may be some other branches.  Each branch would have a 
> working version in /dat/Documents/xyz and all the work would take place there.
> Occasionally it will be backed up in /dat/ak-repo/xyz.  (ak-repo would be 
> initialised as a repository).
> Less frequently all of /dat/ak-repo would be pushed to the repository on the 
> launchpad.  
> Does this look like a workable proposition? At what stage should I try to 
> register the project on Launchpad - asp or later?  
> Any and all advice will be gratefully received.
> OldAl.

Registering things early mean you have a better chance to get the
project name you want.

Ultimately it is up to you. Many open source projects follow the
"release early, release often" mantra, and try to get code into users
hands as soon as possible. This often is beneficial, as you start
getting feedback about what is good/bad early, before lots of
development has been done.

Some feel that it is better to have a certain level of completion before
they release the code. The idea is that they aren't ready to respond to
feedback yet, and most of the feeback would be about things that they
know are broken/not yet complete.

*I* publish things early. Mostly because I don't want to bother thinking
too much about when I need to do what.


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