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Philippe Lhoste PhiLho at GMX.net
Wed Oct 14 13:34:45 BST 2009

On 13/10/2009 23:36, Algis Kabaila wrote:
> I guess you wanted to make a gentle hint without being brutal about it. Alas, 
> I needed a straight pointer. 

Yes, I don't want to look like a grumpy lecturing people, but on the other hand, if nobody 
educate people, information isn't spread.

> Is "you don't top-post and trim down correctly the messages" also a hint of 
> something that you think I should do differently? If so, tell me please. If you 
> don't want to sound offensive, just mail me off the list.  TIA.

Absolutely no, I was saying you are doing it well! :-D
But my formulation was clumsy (I am French...), I should have written "you don't top-post 
and you trim down correctly", I think.

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