Quick documentation-related question and long-term feature branches with bzr-svn...

John Szakmeister john at szakmeister.net
Wed Oct 14 11:31:03 BST 2009

So, I was writing an article for my blog about using bzr and bzr-svn
as a "super client" against Subversion (you can find it here:
 Anyways, while drawing some of the pictures, I came to the
realization that it is indeed possible to maintain a long-term feature
branch against a Subversion branch (I'm really not sure how I missed
it before because it makes complete sense).

So I'm going to update the data-migration-docs to reflect this as
well, but I'd really like to include similar pictures to what I have
in the article.  What's the preferred format for them?  PNG?  SVG?
Both?  Other docs seem to have both, but then how do you customize it
for a particular backend?  Or do you?



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