help deciding which plug-in based on current setup

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Tue Oct 13 18:52:53 BST 2009

My initial thread was answered 1/2 way, so figured I would start a new.  I
do have the new 2.x installed with some help, but now part 2 is the
'auto-update' as I will put it.

We have 8 webservers, all identical hardware, all have bzr 2.x installed.  I
have a few folders (branches) I wish to create, some are pretty static like
apache virtual host ones, others are a little more frequently updated like
web code.  The apache ones I will modify and update and wish the changes to
goto all 8 webservers, others like the webcode, can people check-out the
branch, work remotely, then commit, or must they work on a development copy
then just commit?  I am looking at the plugins page under publishing and not
sure if I want to use;
push and update

The webservers are not publically available, but users can access a
development server which has all the data.  So they can connect to that,
(not sure if they can checkout locally) but then update and then commit
which then I want the changes to all goto all the webservers.  I can setup
sftp if need be, ssh is already allowed and the development server can
(under the http user) ssh directly in with ssh-keys to the public
webservers, so I am trying to see what plugin to use.  There is not a lot of
docs on the plugins so figured there are users using these in this list who
can say which will accomplish what is needed or best for these tasks.

Thanks again.
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