[OT] Reply-To munging considered *carefully*

Michael B. Trausch mbt at zest.trausch.us
Tue Oct 13 06:58:32 BST 2009

On Tue, 2009-10-13 at 00:30 -0500, John Arbash Meinel wrote:

> > On the topic of the discussion, though, what is better for all is a
> > default behavior that is correct, say, 95% of the time for 95% of the
> > people.  I can understand why it's not that way on the lists that choose
> > not to do it that way; but given that there _are_ lists that do it that
> > way, and quite a lot of them, I think it's best that list managers go
> > for the default case.  Since I've switched back to Evolution, on 3 or so
> > of the MLs I'm on, I _constantly_ get "Did you mean to send that to the
> > mailing list?"  Well, yes, I did:  I like to only use the keyboard.  So,
> > why should I have to move my hand to the mouse and do something when I'd
> > rather not?  In any case, it's off-topic, and unless others here are
> > interested in the discussion, or there's a chance that the ML config
> > would be changed, it's probably best just to drop it altogether.
> I don't know about Evolution, but in Thunderbird "Ctrl+R" is reply to
> author, Ctrl+Shift+R is reply-to-all. I rarely hit just ^r anymore...

Indeed, that appears to work in Evolution as well.  A bit awkward, but
assuming I can get my fingers used to it... maybe I'll stop emailing
people directly when I mean to continue the thread on the ML, here and a
couple of other lists I'm on...

	--- Mike

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