[rfc] auto-push / soft-checkouts

Marius Kruger amanic at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 00:25:45 BST 2009

Hi y'all,

This Saturday past I had two hours to work towards alleviating something which
have been annoying me for a long time and pushed (pun not originally
intended) me until breaking point recently:

My use case is I work 3/5 days per week from home, so
* I dont want to use a checkout that will refuse to work connectivity
when I'm out of reach of our central (svn:() repository
* I have forgotten to push a important change late one night, which
was needed early the next morning while I was sleeping

I first looked at bzr-automirror, but that is more concerned with the
working tree and requires ssh.
So I just quickly hacked this up which does a push on tip change (so
even on a local/smartserver push it will push, like checkouts).

That got me thinking that I should see if I can get a auto-push mode
into the core.
Thinking about it during idle cycles, my subconscious came up with the
idea of soft-checkouts which
works exactly like checkouts, except it
* doesn't connect to the mainline unless you do an commit or update.
* Never fail commands because of a lack of connectivity, but just give
a warning.

This sounds to me to be in the spirit of something I read in Martin's
interview [1]:
"Bazaar can be used in either a totally distributed or a centralized
way, or any point in between"

Btw. I thought that we were going to have some focus/reassigned wrt
the command-line interface in the 2.1 cycle.
Is somebody going to step up and manage that? I've been working on
specific commands
a bit (when time permits) but there is normally quite some controversy
and going around in circles
is quite frustrating, so I think we need strong direction/leadership
in this regard.
Though we better discuss that in a different thread.

[1] http://blog.launchpad.net/bazaar/bazaar-2-0-0-interview-with-martin-pool

<| regards
U| Marius
H| <><

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