Wish list for the bzr-explorer

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Mon Oct 12 06:52:43 BST 2009

IMO bzr-explorer is a "killer application".  The vast majority of Win users, 
on some kind of "principle", will not touch anything that requires or CLI.  
There is no doubt about it!

Whilst I am quite happy to use CLI, I find that the explorer is a very useful 
learning tool. The collorary is that it is a useful teaching tool, too.  

1. I would very much like to see a configuration option, which could be set to 
display *exactly* the CLI version of the command issued by the explorer in 
response to GUI use.  Not a new idea - something that used to be done with all 
ftp commands in the early days of GUI's for it.  Why - well, the CLI is easier 
to documment and in case of Bazaar it is very well done already.  OTH, GUI 
documentation is fuzzy at the best of times.

2. Is there a way to delete the files (or directory) from the explorer GUI? 
That is to issue "bzr rm <file-name> command

3. Is there a way of refreshing the display after some operation?  It is 
useful (and will probably remain useful) to occasionally issue bzr command in 
CLI.. It seems that in this case to refresh the display, one has to restart 
explorer.  That's OK, but less than ideal.

It is a pity that there is no separate user list, as questions such as mine 
would best be directed to the user list.  I think that most new users would 
feel more comfortable to use a separate list. 


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