[OT] Reply-To munging considered *carefully*

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Oct 10 08:54:22 BST 2009

Michael B. Trausch writes:

 > Ugh, Control+R needs to do what I mean... (Incidentally and off topic,
 > why is it that I can Control+R to half my mailing lists and reply
 > meaningfully, but the rest I have to use the button on the toolbar?)

I don't know if you'll be encouraged by my proposal, since it requires
fixing your MUA, but an explanation of the issue and a proposal that
could deal with it once and for all are presented in


Note: it bills itself as a blog and it's implemented as a wiki, but I
haven't thought at all about blogspam, so it's locked down -- no
editing and no comments.  Sorry!

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