new Bazaar homepage URL

Martin Pool mbp at
Fri Oct 9 06:33:44 BST 2009

I propose that we move the Bazaar site to  After
the 2.0.0 milestone, Canonical wants to more clearly show its support
for Bazaar, while still recognizing that Bazaar is more than just
Canonical and has its own community., and other subdomains will move across in the same
relative positions.  The wiki will remain interleaved with the static
site as at present, though I would like to eventually separate all
that content into either real web pages or a separate  We should have redirects from the old
pages.  There is some possible dilution of URLs, but perhaps not too
much.  This would change us from a somewhat kludgy URL to a longer but
arguably cleaner one.

Ian, could you please update the web site and coordinate with IS to
make the DNS/Apache changes?


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