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Fri Oct 9 04:45:47 BST 2009

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Martin Pool wrote:
> 2009/10/9 Tata Dano <dano at>:
>> Hi Guys,
>> This is my first time working on Bazaar in any version controls around. I
>> heard a lot of good things about it and personally recommend it to our
>> organization. On our first try, we successfully push and pull small files on
>> the repository via ftp. But when we try to branch or pull on a 2.5GB
>> files..after a while it said that: bzr: out of memory. Our clients is using
>> Windows version of bazaar.
> Hi,
> At the moment Bazaar is limited to dealing with files that fit in
> memory.  So if you have single 2.5G files, you may have trouble.  If
> you have several gigs of ram and you use a 64
> bit Python you may be ok - I think that our default installer uses
> 32-bit Python.

If this is the same as:

I would say you should avoid FTP. There are quite a few limitations with
the protocol, and our support for 2.5GB of repositories over ftp would
be pretty limited. (I wouldn't be surprised if we tried to buffer most
of the repo while fetching over ftp.)

Using bzr+ssh or even sftp would see better performance.

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