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Thu Oct 8 18:37:00 BST 2009

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Eric Berry wrote:
> It may be a bit old, but I'm not sure if things have changed all that much:
> Myth 6 of that article uses some SourceForge statistics and says that,
> "the average number of developers per project to be four".

I think DVCS allows far more casual contributors, people who make 1 or 2
changes and that is it.

I completely agree that most real-world projects (especially open
source) have a core team that is probably <10 people. Often only 1
really active person managing things.

If you look at 'bzr stats' for itself, and ignore the fact that
it thinks Robert and I are the same extremely productive person, you can
see that there are definitely primary contributors, secondary
contributors, and a *really* long tail.

We have 4 people who have >3k revisions, another 3-4 that have ~1k
commits, 7+ that have between 100-500, and then 43 that have 10+
commits, and 90 that have <10 (though some of that will be dupes because
the author combining code is not the best.)

So in total that gives us 148 contributors, but a core of <10 people.

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