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Tue Oct 6 06:09:53 BST 2009

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> Some notes.
> I've pointed out in the past that Cython generates the code which cannot be compiled by MSVC
> compiler, only by gcc (mingw) on Windows. It's not problem per se, because official installer built
> with mingw. And as long as this C-extension will be optional this should not blocks custom bzr.exe
> builds. Perhaps I'm the one crazy guy who built custom bzr.exe in the past. Now with new advanced
> installer I can drop it.

I've been using VS 2008 Express just fine here, and did all the
development for my static tuple stuff with Cython 0.11.3. Perhaps they
fixed those bugs?

> And as long as you will build bzr.exe based on Python 2.5 I'll be happy to not build my custom
> bzr.exe anymore and don't think about incompatibility with MSVC.

Perhaps it is because I'm using 2008 w/ python 2.6.

> So don't count my note as objection, just as observation. I don't want to block anything that good
> for you and bzr project.
> But if you won't switch bzr.exe from Python 2.5 to 2.6 then you'll make one crazy guy pretty happy.

What is the problem you have with 2.6?

Note also that Kerguelen currently builds just bzr for 2.4 + 2.5 using
mingw and for 2.6 using either mingw or VS 2008 (I don't remember the
exact configuration right now.)

I was thinking to switch to 2.6 for the 2.1 series, unless you have a
specific reason why you don't like python 2.6.

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