[RFC] Website refresh for 2.0.0

John Yates jyates at netezza.com
Mon Oct 5 14:48:35 BST 2009

Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> > DVC made easy?
> > DVC without tears?
> > DVC your way?
> > DVC for all?
> > DVC for the rest of us?
> All of these are pretty good, though they all assume
> the reader understands not just VC but DVC as well.

Well I never expected the tag line to include a TLA.  I got lazy and used DVC assuming that readers on this list would expand it to "distributed version control".  That said I agree with the notion that the website does not need to include a tag-line.

That said there remains merit on a project from agreeing on a succinctly captured vision.  With luck it can become a mantra.

Currently I work for a company that sells a packaged collection of hardware and software for data mining applications.  The company's founder coined the term "database appliance" to describe his vision.  Initially that struck us developers as just so much marketing fluff.  But over time it has become absolutely central to our concept of company's technology and its key differentiator.  When contemplating product enhancements we always ask whether a proposal is consonant with our appliance concept: no tuning, no knobs, no switches; it should just work.  The end result is that while price performance may get first get us into a sales opportunity it is ease of use that turns our customers into our most fervent evangelists.


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