bzr PQM does subunit now

Robert Collins robertc at
Thu Oct 1 04:39:08 BST 2009

So, all the dependencies have landed, and Andrew and I [well, Andrew, I
just +1'd :) ] have turned on --subunit in 'make check'.

The 'errors' and 'failures' are incorrectly mapped skips and known
failures; we'll want to improve that mapping.

For developers this means two key things:
 - you can get a 'how far through' estimate from PQM
 - when PQM actually fails a test, you can pipe the mail straight
through subunit-filter to extract just the failure(s). 

'make check' still stops at the first failure, but perhaps we should
change that to get more data from a single round trip.

(copied to the subunit list, so that folk interested in Subunit can see
some bling).

PQM actually parses the subunit stream and presents it differently on
the web - we're not seeing console output in the screen shot - so its
not dependent on \r hacks or anything like that.

It would be a small step to turn this into e.g. a long-ping updating
form for developers to watch full test runs on.

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