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On Wed, 2009-09-02 at 10:30 +0100, Russel Winder wrote:
> For working locally, local Bazaar revision numbers are fine.  However
> when discussing things with the poor sods who have yet to discover the
> brilliance of using Bazaar as a Subversion client :-)  they need
> Subversion revision numbers.
> When bzr-svn does a merge/pull from the Subversion repository, it
> reports the Subversion revision number as well as the Bazaar revision
> number.  But is this number stored?  Yes it is and can be viewed in the
> log.  However, viz and qlog don't seem to offer a way of seeing this
> number.  I guess Bazaar Explorer doesn't either.
> Is there a sane way of having viz, qlog and Bazaar Explorer offer the
> Subversion revision number as well as the Bazaar revision number or is
> command line and log the only possibility?

Hummm... somwhat of a hack in some sense, but viz already shows the
Subversion id number -- the displayed Revision Id has the Subversion
revision number right at the end.

This actually proved very useful yesterday -- when doing a manual bisect
of the Groovy trunk repository to find the revision that introduced a
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