Can bzr-svn merge be tracked by svn?

Francis J. Lacoste francis.lacoste at
Wed Sep 2 14:52:26 BST 2009

Hi Jelmer,

Last week at Agile2009, I met a guy from a company that are using feature-
branch mode of development with SVN. He's using git-svn on Windows and is 
finding it a little painful.

He knew about bzr having tried it out last year but had a few issues with it 
(in particular, he had trouble installing it on Windows).

I talked to him about bzr 2.0 and all the changes we made. He seemed 
interested to try it out again.

One thing that he finds annoying with bzr-git is that if he merge his feature 
branch and commit on the trunk using bzr-git, SVN doesn't recognize the two 
SVN branches as merged. So he has still to use svn to do these merges.

Do we have a similar limitation with bzr-svn?


Francis J. Lacoste
francis.lacoste at
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