Simplifying the Downloads page

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Mon Sep 28 08:32:23 BST 2009

Martin Pool wrote:

>> The more detailed pages will cover download/installation on:
>> * Windows
>> * GNU/Linux
>> * OS X
>> * UNIX
>> * Mobile
>> * Source.
> It looks a bit ... ungracious to stick Ubuntu under GNU/Linux, and
> anyhow the install instructions are going to be quite different
> between different distributions.  I don't want the GNU/LInux page to
> be "OK, now what distro are you using?" with five subheadings.

So is now a little more colourful and
covers all the main Linux and UNIX distributions. Currently, the Linux
ones still go to subheadings within a bigger "DistroDownloads" page. We
can break that up into subpages for one or more of the major
distributions if you want.

If the text bit of the pending home page under "Get Bazaar" has links
going straight to the sub-pages for Ubuntu, Windows and OS X in
particular, I think the amount of navigation should be acceptable for
most users, yes?

Ian C.

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