[rfc] developer documentation on user interaction

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Sun Sep 27 10:38:08 BST 2009

2009/9/26 Alexander Belchenko <bialix at ukr.net>:
> Martin, you put me in the CC list of this e-mail, so I suppose you expected
> to get some feedback.
> I finally read your document. Sorry for not read it before.
> I can say that this document is too shallow for me to comment.

Yes, it's only a very early start.

> I have 2 problems with current bzrlib output:
> 1) I  want to have more fine-grained control in qbzr over bzr script output,
> we have our own UIFactory but currently it does not entirely solve all our
> needs because there is a lot of messages which printed to both stdout and
> stderr without UIFactory usage, e.g. via Command.outf or trace.py methods
> (note, warning etc.)

Yes, just to reiterate, I think we should eliminate all those other
messages to make them go through the UIFactory - that was the main
point.  I thought it would help with GUIs and bzrw, and also with

> 2) It seems only me feel responsibility over building GUI bzrw.exe launcher
> required for Bazaar Explorer. We need to get rid off black console window
> behind bzr-explorer. This should be done only via GUI bzrw.exe. Such
> application NEVER NEVER NEVER should try to emit anything to stdout or
> stderr. Currently this is problem I'm ever have no idea how to start working
> on it. If all interaction with stdout and stderr can be canned into
> UIFactory it will be HUGE win for both GUI products.

That's great, I'm really glad to hear confirmation that these changes
will help.  That was basically what I was hoping to hear from you.

As far as getting Windows builds done: it's hard, there are many more
Windows users want builds than are willing to do them, and they do not
seem as scriptable as on Linux.

Martin <http://launchpad.net/~mbp/>

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