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Thu Sep 24 18:34:20 BST 2009

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Russel Winder wrote:
> I (unfairly to the Groovy plugin) associated the failure of Eclipse to
> work with my upgrade of the Groovy plugin this morning (there are
> reasons why this might have been an issue hence my sensitivity -- but
> the stack trace is clearly nothing to do with Groovy).  However the
> problem is clearly in Bazaar plugin land (I should have read the stack
> trace rather than just posting it on the Groovy plugin email list).
> Anyone any idea what might be happening here?  As soon as I try and do
> anything in Eclipse with a project it all goes grey and throws large
> numbers of these sorts of exception.  According to Eclipse all my
> plugins are fully up to date.  I am guessing that candidates are the
> QBzr Eclipse plugin and the Bzr Eclipse plugin and possibly xmloutput --
> which I know has had updates to mainline recently.
> All aide gratefully received as I promised to see if gpars now compiles
> in Eclipse -- it is a Groovy project and had issues requiring the plugin
> to be altered in devious ways -- and currently I can't do anything with
> Eclipse, I can't even remove the Bazaar related plugins, it all just
> hangs.
> Thanks.
> (Sorry for the element of panic, but I am trying to like Eclipse yet
> incidents like this challenge my resolve.)

So while I realize bzr-eclipse is the one failing, it *is* possible that
installing plugin X starts causing failures in plugin Y (installing
Groovy could break Bzr Eclipse.)

That said, given that the exception seems to start at:

org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: name expected (position:START_TAG
<type>@1:6 in at 92a0d8)
        at Source)

My first suspect would be bzr-xmloutput.

I can't say that I can fully understand the exception, bit it is
possible that it is reading


and wants
<type name=>

Or that it is getting START_TAG and thinks it should be getting <type>
directly, etc.


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