bzr 2.0.0 final code frozen!

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Sep 22 08:35:20 BST 2009


I've just packaged and uploaded bzr 2.0.0's golden tarball to
<>.   You can read the full
release notes in
There are no significant code changes since 2.0rc2.

This is not yet the announcement, but rather a pre-announcement to let
packagers and plugin maintainers know to start building and uploading.
 (We really appreciate your work! - the point of this is to make it
more readily available.)

I intend to send the actual announcement on the morning (utc+10) of
Friday this week (the 25th).

I believe that with the (impending) release of bzr-svn 1.0rc2 all
plugins are now up to date?

If you become aware of anything that needs to be done before the
release announcement, or anything that should stall the release,
please reply to this mail.

Non-critical bugs can and will be fixed in bzr 2.1b1, which comes out
in less than a fortnight, and in 2.0.1, for which we have no target
date yet.)  But if in doubt, ask.

I'd like to get the new home page up before the announcement date and
will work with Emma Jane on that.

pre-congratulations on the pre-release....
Martin <>

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