[RFC] bzr-svn documentation updates...

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at vernstok.nl
Fri Sep 18 19:08:26 BST 2009

Hi John,

John Szakmeister wrote:
> Ian, this is mainly for you.  I realize the content that was there was
> really meant to be a placeholder, and I have no issue starting
> completely from scratch, if that's what we need to do.  But this is
> the road I'm heading down... can you just give me a "yeah, that's
> good" or "dude, you're heading off the path". :-)
Just a quick note:
> +Contributor mode
> +^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> +
> +The difference here is whether or not you have commit access to the
> Subversion
> +repository. In the common case, we assumed that you would. In contributor
> +mode, you may not. You can still contribute to the project, but you
> may need a
> +different url for the checkout, and the last steps are different.
> +
> +Since you don't have write access to beagle, you need to use a
> different url
> +to checkout a copy of trunk::
> +
> +  bzr co http://svn.gnome.org/svn/beagle/trunk trunk
> +
You will want to use "bzr branch" in this case. Otherwise you end up
trying to put any commits that you make into the mainline at
> +When you're ready to submit your change, remain in the feature1
> folder and run::
> +
> +  bzr send -o feature1.patch
> +  
> +This will create a file called feature1.patch that contains the
> result of all
> +the revisions committed to the feature1 branch. If the upstream
> project uses
> +Bazaar to merge the patch, then the individual commits will all be
> preserved.
> +However, if they simply apply the patch and commit, then it'll appear
> as a
> +single revision.  Either way, you're patch is integrated.



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