Is Bazaar's document distributed under GPL?

Ben Finney ben+bazaar at
Mon Sep 21 10:51:09 BST 2009

Martin Pool <mbp at> writes:

> So why would we want to use CC-BY-SA rather than GPL for the docs?
>  * CC-BY-SA is more commonly used and understood for documentation and
> web sites, and considered a better match.
>  * As a consequence people may be happier translating, improving or
> adapting our site or documentation.

My only comment on the above two points is that they are “merely” a
matter of education. There is nothing about the GPL that makes it
inappropriate for applying to software intended for use as documentation
or web sites.

>  * This licence is popular for wikis, so Bazaar text can be copied
> into them and vice versa.

Not true for any software not under that license (e.g. any of the source
code, including help text). Parts of a work under GPL terms cannot be so
copied and redistributed under different terms.

>  * Anything else?
> Would we want CC-BY rather than CC-BY-SA?

That would be a non-copyleft, and as you say I don't see any convincing
argument that a non-copyleft license would be desirable for any part of
the work.

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