Styles of version checking code in plugins?

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Sep 17 07:15:33 BST 2009

2009/9/17 Russel Winder <russel.winder at>:
> Is there an idiom for version checking code.  bzr-svn, bzr-git, rebase
> all do it using a file, gtk puts the data directly in
> in a different way.  The commonality of the first three is
> probably coincident with Jelmer being a primary author, but it raises
> the question of whether there is or should be a standard model followed
> by all plugins.

There is some discussion of it in

I don't know if we care where particularly they check it, though
ideally they would check before loading too much.

There are some bugs in you might
want to comment on.

Martin <>

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