bzr wouldn't update checkout

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen at
Mon Sep 14 22:32:20 BST 2009

> Your local checkout is not in fact a checkout of the remote branch.  A 
> checkout clearly says the words "checkout" in the info. 
> You need to 
> bind your local branch to the parent branch::
> bzr bind

> or use ``bzr pull`` to update your local, unbound branch.
Thanks for the pointer. I am sure that this is in the docs.
But yes, I cannot alway know which project is using which style of 
branch connection!

> distinct operations. (I know it sometimes trips me up.)
What about adding a message like:
"Updateing local branch only. If you want to get remote changes use bzr 
pull or bind to remote branch"

Best regards and thanks for the quick reply,

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