[ANN] HTML, PDF and CHM docs now available for 2.0rc2

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen at gmx-topmail.de
Mon Sep 14 21:39:06 BST 2009

> Many of the issues raised in recent weeks w.r.t. the Windows Help files
> (chm format) have been fixed. Hooray! In particular, the developer docs
> and foreign language docs have been broken out into their own files,
> improving navigation and search (in both CHM and HTML formats). All the
> CHM files now have reasonably useful Contents panels, though the Index
> panels are still empty.
the latest version in Sphinx trunk may have some handy features too:
It's fairly stable.

> IMHO, the PDFs rock.
Which builder did you use?
Latex? There will be a rst2pdf builder in development...

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