RFC: Home page design

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Fri Sep 11 01:09:33 BST 2009

2009/9/10 James Westby <jw+debian at jameswestby.net>:
> On Thu Sep 10 03:41:21 +0100 2009 Martin Pool wrote:
>> I think the point of footer navigation is to be there but to be
>> unobtrusive, so I'd even think about getting rid of the specific blue
>> background down there and just having it displayed on a pale yellow
>> continuation of the body area.
> I disagree with this. A distinction between the main content and
> the footer serves as a visual clue that the footer content is of
> lower importance. Without this there are fewer cues for the eye
> that it should focus on the main content, giving the user more
> options and so making it harder to choose. The separation means
> the user can focus on the main content and choose one of the four
> headings that we are carefully selecting.
> Your suggestion of a "pale yellow continuation" may have meant
> a different yellow to the main content, but it would have to be
> sufficiently different, or with a border to maintain the distinction.

Good point.

>> I don't think Extend is the right action, it's just not a sensible
>> first step for people.  Plugins are going to be something they
>> encounter either after they've been using bzr for a while and they
>> want to get more out of it, or in answer to a question like "is there
>> a web viewer" or "does this integrate with Eclipse"?  The right thing
>> is probably for that to go to a getting-started guide that includes
>> links to the plugins and a description of how to use them.
> I would say that some of these questions will be crucial to some
> people's decision. "We're an Eclipse shop, so if it doesn't have
> Eclipse support there's no way we'll use it."
> Having this sort of information also available outside the usage
> documentation, so that it is more for selling the features than
> helping people use them can help with this. It doesn't have to
> be a top level heading on the front page, but I feel there should
> be at least a link from the front page to a page on integration
> with other tools, which could be the plugin page, or something
> more specialised.

I agree: by 'in answer to a question' I mean it's better to say
"Bazaar works with Eclipse" or Bazaar works with other tools" and when
they click that, point them to the plugin or other software that does
it, as opposed to saying "Extend" and making them guess that's where
it is.  "Extend" sounds a bit like we're inviting them to write their
own plugins, and while we would invite them to do that, it's unlikely
to be step #2.

Martin <http://launchpad.net/~mbp/>

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