RFC: Home page design

Ben Finney ben+bazaar at benfinney.id.au
Wed Sep 9 14:40:27 BST 2009

Emma Jane Hogbin <emma at hicktech.com> writes:

> This design incorporates many new elements:
> 1. utility navigation from previous designs combined into a single
> bar.

Much clearer.

> 2. extended navigation added to the "carousel" design.

I don't see it on the mock-up.

> 3. clear, unique buttons for "action" areas of the site.

Good, but please lose the exclamation marks on the actions. They suggest
either shouting, or overexcitedness, or both.

> 4. more yellow.

I like the colour scheme and the gradients used.

> For this round of feedback could you please address the following
> points:

> 1. Do you prefer the extended navigation (bottom of the page) in "960
> width" or "full width" design?

I prefer pages that make good use of the full window width; if I want it
narrower I'll make the window narrower. I'm not sure which one of those
provides what I want.

> 3. The new icons are based on the logo. Staying with the road
> sign/construction theme, are there images you would prefer to see for
> each of the action buttons?

I appreciate the theme, but I find them too similar. If they could be
significantly different symbols (preferably with colour differences as
well), while still keeping some kind of unifying theme, that would be
better IMO.

Great work so far, and your consistently high level of communication is
very much appreciated during this process.

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