metronome mail for Bazaar 2.0 and 1.18

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Sep 8 23:16:53 BST 2009

2009/9/9 John Arbash Meinel <john at>:
> Right, without the things that we usually bundle. Not to mention
> rebuilding all of the ppas, Mac OS X installer, etc. *That* is the
> overhead, and time I think would be better spent packaging 2.0. Versus
> backporting features to a 1.18 release. If 2.0 wasn't next week, I would
> be more inclined to do a 1.18.1.

Given the features are already merged, I think I will at least make a
1.18.1 tarball, since Alexander asks.  If some platform maintainers
don't feel it's worth re-rerolling their distributions, that's also
ok.  (In the stable-release scheme they are going to have some
discretion to choose what to ship.)

Is it possible that Alexander could make and upload the Windows binaries?

Martin <>

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