metronome mail for Bazaar 2.0 and 1.18

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Sep 8 02:27:54 BST 2009

We've announced 1.18final, with all the binaries now being available
and packages in the ppa.  1.18 is already in Karmic.

There is only one more blocker for 2.0
<>, to do with checking
the contents of repository streams, whose fixes from Spiv are now in
review <> with
in-principle approval.

I'm hoping we will get a positive review for them and land them today,
then do rc2.  If no other critical bugs are found there, that will be

I've marked the EOL filtering bug
<> as not a blocker for
2.0, though it will still be good to fix in the 2.0 series.  There is
a patch and if we can land it before 2.0rc2 we will.

We've had some discussion about how to use milestones and targeting in
Launchpad.  The discussion is continuing but the gist of it is that at
the moment <> now shows
only things still to be fixed for 2.0, while
<> shows what we did
in the last release.

Bazaar's own branches have successfully upgraded to format 2a.

There are two additional fixes in the 1.18 branch post 1.18, and it
may be worth doing a 1.18.1 release to get them out.

Because we fixed a serious recently-introduced bug in upgrading
repositories to 2a <>
we've withdrawn 2.0rc1 from downloads.

(ps if you're explicitly copied on this mail and don't want to be in
future, just say so.)
Martin <>

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