Confused about versions ... 1.17, 1.18rc1, 2.0rc1

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Sep 7 09:49:16 BST 2009

Martin Pool пишет:
> 2009/9/7 David Ingamells <david.ingamells at>:
>> :)   Looking at the 1.18 branch logs
>> ( the comment on 4597
>> suggests that 1.18 has been released.  And there were no changes from
>> RC1.    So it looks like the announcement was never made on the website,
>> and the binaries were never updated.
>> There's been a few fixes since then, I guess they would be for a
>> potential 1.18 bug fix release.
> We now have all the installers so it is just the announcement and
> update on the web site that is lacking.

Martin, I think your experiment with delayed announce reveals that it's 
bad idea. Old approach has its own cons but have enough pros to continue 
use it. IMO of course.

> There are two additional fixes on that branch post 1.18:
> - shelve locking on Windows
> - content filtering
> breaks commit of merges
> The second, at least, is pretty important, and could be worthwhile for
> people who don't want to transition to 2.0 yet.
> I don't really relish doing a new RC cycle for this, but we could
>  * announce 1.18
>  * tag 1.18.1 and make a source tarball for it
>  * when installers of that have been built, announce 1.18.1

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