[RFD] Milestone usage (Re: [Bug 422849] Re: Incorrect conversions in 2.0rc1 and bzr.dev)

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at free.fr
Fri Sep 4 08:47:35 BST 2009

>>>>> "martin" == Martin Pool <mbp at canonical.com> writes:


    martin> But I think here you're talking only about how we use
    martin> milestones?



    martin> The practice in the past is to create them when you
    martin> first want to use them...

Oh, well. May be I was being a bit too much 'German' here :)

I view milestone creation as RM duty because I think they are the
core definition of the releases...

Whereas targeting or nominating bugs is everybody duty.


    martin> I can't understand specifically what you want to
    martin> change.

Nothing now.

I would have like that the bugs targeted to 2.0 were targeted to
2.0rc1 instead. Or that we rename the 2.0 milestone to 2.0rc1 at
release time.

    martin> As we discussed previously, we overload the target
    martin> field to describe both when we aim to fix it

We can use 2.0.

    martin> and also when it was actually fixed.

We should use 2.0rc1.

Is that clearer ?

    martin> If 2.0 final is on the 2.0 branch, and it will be,
    martin> presumably the milestone should be on that series
    martin> too, not on trunk.

All milestones should be on the series, I never thought otherwise
(I may have been unclear when expressing it...). I pointed to the
pretty pictures to demonstrate that using milestones on trunk was
given a strange[1] picture of the release process used.


[1]: Strange but fine for projects that don't really care about
rc and betas or maintaining different releases in addition to

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