Coexistence with automatic refactoring tools

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Thu Sep 3 21:53:01 BST 2009

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Olivier Lefevre wrote:
> Thanks for the answer.
>> Either. Tools like eclipse have VCS integration which can do it with
>> bzr.
> Ok but you can't expect everything to be integrated with everything
> else. That's the Achille's heel of modular platforms like Eclipse:
> oftentimes the various modules interact with each other only through
> the "core", which may not be sufficient to deliver a good user
> experience.
>> From the commandline 'bzr mv' does a mv, 'bzr mv --after' tells bzr that
>> a tool rearranged things, and 'bzr mv --auto' tells bzr that stuff has
>> changed and to do its best to figure the details out.
> That's great. Does the last mode work like hg, which I've heard
> always infers renames and moves? I did not know that bzr could
> also do it; is this a recent addition?
> Regards,
> -- O.L.

It does not work like hg. In hg you still have to issue 'hg mv' or 'hg
copy; hg delete', etc.

'bzr mv --auto' looks at the contents of files which are marked as
'missing' versus 'unknown', and then lines them up based on a 'best-fit'

You might be thinking 'git' which infers renames post-rename. Which can
either infer renames based on absolute sha matching, or by content matching.

In the case of bzr, we infer the rename, however we do it before you
commit, and then we record a real 'rename' internally. So it doesn't
need to be inferred later.

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