Case sensitivity

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Aug 31 14:56:24 BST 2009

Vincent Ladeuil пишет:
>>>>>> "LD" == Larry Drews <ldrewsNOSPAM at> writes:
>     LD> Alexander Belchenko <bialix at> wrote in news:h7ggaf$b4h$1
>     LD>
>     >> 
>     >> Actually bzr has very good support for renames, and if you treat change 
>     >> of case as rename (even implicit) and you commit this rename explicitly, 
>     >> then there is no history hell as you describe it.
> I thought we had some support for that, I even say Mark Hammond
> worked pretty hard in that area, am I misremembering or did a
> patch to that effect never land ?

IIUC Mark's patch to fix `bzr add wRonGcASe.txt` has landed. IIUC it was 
only one patch to improve this are, and very valuable nevertheless. 
Although it was easiest piece of the "puzzle" because add command has 
luxury to filter its arguments till they hit dirstate.

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