Maintaning local changes

Ivan Sagalaev maniac at
Thu Aug 27 21:11:24 BST 2009

Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:
> There is no automated way to do this.  The conceptual problem as I 
> understand it is that you want to label the changes in a working copy as 
> being either locally important or globally relevant.  Bazaar (and as far 
> as I know, not other VCS) doesn't track any additional meta-information 
> about a given change.  As a result, you need to keep this information in 
> your head and when you merge from upstream and then revert, you have to 
> manually keep track of what changes should *not* be reverted, namely 
> those which are locally important.
> Note that this problem is very, very common for version control.  Here, 
> from the Subversion FAQ is one way of dealing with it in general: 

I actually agree with that FAQ. In our own code we always try to factor 
out such local-only changes into separate files and mark them ignored by 
a vcs. But i's not possible if you work with upstream that you don't 
control and they have hard-coded things here and there.

Would such a feature be a good addition to bzr core? I mean:

     $ ... hack config.c
     $ bzr commit --private
     $ bzr push
     No revisions to push.

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