bzr-2.0rc1 released

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Wed Aug 26 13:35:30 BST 2009

I'm happy to announce bzr 2.0rc1 which fixes some issues making
2a our default format.

A source tarball is available now from
<>; other formats will follow shortly.
Your help in testing it is much appreciated, as we will do the final
release at the start of next week.

bzr 2.0rc1 2009-08-26

This release of Bazaar makes 2a 'brisbane-core' format the
default.  Most of the work in this release now focuses on bug
fixes and stabilization, covering both 2a and previous formats.

The Bazaar team decided that 2.0 will be a long-term supported
release, with bugfix-only releases based on it continuing for at
least six months or until the following stable release (we said
that previously, but that's worth repeating).

Compatibility Breaks

* The default format for bzr is now ``2a``. This format brings many
  significant performance and size improvements. bzr can pull from
  any existing repository into a ``2a`` one, but can only transfer
  into ``rich-root`` repositories from ``2a``. The Upgrade guide
  has more information about this change. (Robert Collins)

* On Windows auto-detection of Putty's plink.exe is disabled.
  Default SSH client for Windows is paramiko. User still can force
  usage of plink if explicitly set environment variable BZR_SSH=plink.
  (#414743, Alexander Belchenko)

New Features

* ``bzr branch --switch`` can now switch the checkout in the current directory
  to the newly created branch. (Lukáš Lalinský)

Bug Fixes

* Fetches were being requested in 'groupcompress' order, but weren't
  recombining the groups. Thus they would 'fragment' to get the correct
  order, but not 'recombine' to actually benefit from it. Until we get
  recombining to work, switching to 'unordered' fetches avoids the
  fragmentation. (John Arbash Meinel, #402645)

* Fix a pycurl related test failure on karmic by recognizing an error
  raised by newer versions of pycurl.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #306264)

* Fix a test failure on karmic by making a locale test more robust.
  (Vincent Ladeuil, #413514)

* Fix IndexError printing CannotBindAddress errors.
  (Martin Pool, #286871)

* Fix "Revision ... not present" errors when upgrading stacked branches,
  or when doing fetches from a stacked source to a stacked target.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #399140)

* ``bzr branch`` of 2a repositories over HTTP is much faster.  bzr now
  batches together small fetches from 2a repositories, rather than
  fetching only a few hundred bytes at a time.
  (Andrew Bennetts, #402657)


* A better description of the platform is shown in crash tracebacks, ``bzr
  --version`` and ``bzr selftest``.
  (Martin Pool, #409137)

* bzr can now (again) capture crash data through the apport library, 
  so that a single human-readable file can be attached to bug reports.
  This can be disabled by using ``-Dno_apport`` on the command line, or by
  putting ``no_apport`` into the ``debug_flags`` section of
  (Martin Pool, Robert Collins, #389328)

* ``bzr push`` locally on windows will no longer give a locking error with
  dirstate based formats. (Robert Collins)

* ``bzr shelve`` and ``bzr unshelve`` now work on windows.
  (Robert Collins, #305006)

* Commit of specific files no longer prevents using the the iter_changes
  codepath. On 2a repositories, commit of specific files should now be as
  fast, or slightly faster, than a full commit. (Robert Collins)

* The internal core code that handles specific file operations like
  ``bzr st FILENAME`` or ``bzr commit FILENAME`` has been changed to
  include the parent directories if they have altered, and when a
  directory stops being a directory its children are always included. This
  fixes a number of causes for ``InconsistentDelta`` errors, and permits
  faster commit of specific paths. (Robert Collins, #347649)


* New developer documentation for content filtering.
  (Martin Pool)

API Changes

* ``bzrlib.shelf_ui`` has had the ``from_args`` convenience methods of its
  classes changed to manage lock lifetime of the trees they open in a way
  consistent with reader-exclusive locks. (Robert Collins, #305006)
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