change in fix-committed practice?

Andrew Cowie andrew at
Wed Aug 26 07:08:45 BST 2009

On Wed, 2009-08-26 at 14:48 +1000, Martin Pool wrote:

> I don't think we should change the meaning of fix committed and fix
> released.

A comment from an interested outside observer:

The way you use these terms doesn't mean what I think it means.

1. fix committed

doesn't mean anything (or rather, it is vulnerable to meaning any of a
number of things).

I think the way you use it implies "fix-exists".

In an old school centralized workflow then "fix-committed" means it is
in 'mainline' / trunk / HEAD and when the next release is made it will
include it.

But in a distributed decentralized version control world × you guys now
maintaining a stable release series and an unstable future trunk,
"fix-committed" could mean any of a number of things, but certainly
doesn't tell me (a bug reporter, say) anything about whether or not I'm
likely to see that fix in a release anytime soon.

2. fix released

Release is a very strongly defined term. It means tarballs have been
cut. We all know this.

Which is why I'm a little perplexed that "fix-released" seems to
indicate that a branch with a fix has been merged to 'mainline' /
trunk / / whatever. And certainly, in a world with two major
streams, it's even more confusing. Doesn't change the fact that we
haven't answered the question: which *release* is it in? Huh? It's not
in any release yet? How can it be "fix-released" then?


I realize full well that the meaning of these terms and their usage is
entirely an internal matter for the people hacking on Bazaar to decide
how they interpret & how they use.

In a game like bug control everyone will always be forced to coerce or
misuse other people's terms (even when the other people are Launchpad
whom I gather are like friends of yours). But these labels really seem
misleading to outsiders like me.



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