[ANN] Bazaar Explorer 0.7 released

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at canonical.com
Wed Aug 26 04:07:12 BST 2009

IMPORTANT: Right now, there is *no* bzr-explorer package in karmic. It
would be greatly appreciated if someone could volunteer to change this
by packaging and uploading 0.7. Now for the announcement itself ...

On behalf of the Bazaar Explorer developers, I'm pleased to announce our
0.7 release, ready for uploading into karmic! This release is designed
to work with (the pending) Bazaar 2.0beta1 and (the recently released)
QBzr 0.14, though it should continue to work with Bazaar 1.14 or later
and QBzr 0.11 or later.

This release provides access to the many new dialogs in QBzr 0.14:
quncommit, qexport, qplugins, qbind and qunbind. It also contains
numerous bug fixes and UI improvements. In particular, the behavior of
menus on the tool-bar is now more consistent as several people had found
the old design unintuitive.

Note: After qswitch, qbind and qunbind, Explorer's Refresh action isn't
working as well as it needs to yet. This bug (#417904) will be fixed in
0.8. Better still, I'm hoping the need for an explicit refresh after
these actions will disappear altogether! In the meantime, the workaround
is to close the page and open it again.

For downloads and more detailed release notes, see

Ian C.

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