Starting Bazaar Explorer

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Tue Aug 25 09:49:59 BST 2009

Russel Winder пишет:
> Alexander,
>> OK, I've committed bzr-explorer.desktop to trunk. If anybody can test 
>> it, please say is it working.
> Initially the icon in Nautilus was just the text content rendering as
> for any text file of unknown purpose.  I dragged and dropped it to the
> desktop on Ubuntu and then tried double clicking it.  It was not a
> trusted launcher so I gave it my trust.  The rendering changed to some
> icon with gears (doesn't look very Bazaar branded) with the label
> "Desktop interface to the Bazaar VCS".  I think this should read "Bazaar
> Explorer".  Double clicking it brings up Bazaar Explorer :-)

OK, OK, my attempt was just a first hack. As Andrew Cowie show me in IRC 
this things (with icons) should be really installed in /share/... and 
therefore I'm inclined this should be done at deb package level.

> Now the question is how to get it in the Programming sub-menu alongside
> the Olive GTK entry.    Dragging and cropping from the Desktop to the
> Main Menu edit works, but there is no icon for the entry :-(
> BTW  My Programming menu already has entries:
> 	Bazaar
> 	Bazaar Notification
> I have no idea what these are for, does anyone?

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