Starting Bazaar Explorer

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Tue Aug 25 08:30:59 BST 2009

Alexander Belchenko пишет:
> Martin Pool пишет:
>> 2009/8/25 Maritza Mendez <martitzam at>:
>>> Hi Russel.  I use bzr-explorer so much, one of the first things I did 
>>> was
>>> set up a Quick Launch shortcut on the taskbars of both my WindowsXP and
>>> Ubuntu environments.  I grabbed the official bzr icon for both of them,
>>> since the Bazaar Explorer icon has small features which don't scale 
>>> great..
>>> It might be a nice touch if the packaged versions for each platform
>>> eventually offer to create shortcuts, and I suspect that will happen
>>> someday.  I don't know about MacOS.
>> It would be nice if it had a .desktop file so it appeared in the menu
>> and gnome-do etc.  It's easy to steal from some other program.
> I see there is one in bzr-gtk for Olive and other commands.
> I'll try to steal it.

OK, I've committed bzr-explorer.desktop to trunk. If anybody can test 
it, please say is it working.

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