Bug handling - please use confirmed rather than triaged.

Robert Collins robert.collins at canonical.com
Tue Aug 25 01:28:25 BST 2009

Our developer docs say that we don't use triaged. Over the last while a
number of devs (myself included) have started to use Triaged. I filed a
merge request to update the docs to current practice - but this raised
(as a good review does) the fact that Martin finds it easier to read
when all our bugs in a single state have the same label.

Bazaar doesn't have a triaged centric workflow for bugs - we don't have
teams of people trying to push bugs through to triaged and core devs
that can focus just on triaged bugs. Without such a workflow Triaged
doesn't have any difference in meaning for us vs Confirmed (and indeed
my patch to the docs kept that same-meaning aspect).

Accordingly, please use just Confirmed for our bug status. We'll want to
do a script to collapse all the Triaged bugs to Confirmed sometime.

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